TAV Aviation Minds’ First Graduates from Medinah Airport TIBAH Airports Operation Company

The training program designed to increase the overall performance of Medinah Airport has been completed. The program was prepared as part of the agreement made between Medinah Airport operator TIBAH and TAV Aviation Minds. The certificates for the program which had been ongoing since 25th of February were presented to participants during a ceremony held at Le Meridian Hotel.
The training program, which was designed to include the overall airport operations extensively for the benefit of all employees, lasted 4 months. The program involved a total of 1,368 hours training under 16 different contents for 250 employees. 31 employees selected as part of the development program designed to increase the overall performance of the airport received special training in two separate groups supporting one another. In the same context, the group also received 20 days on-the-job training at Istanbul and Tbilisi airports. Following the on-the-job trainings, the 4-month development program continued with further on-the-job and practical trainings at Medinah Airport under the supervision of TAV Aviation Minds Project Coordinator and was successfully completed.
TAV Aviation Minds is a company founded in partnership with Lebanese aviation consultant firm Aviation Minds and utilizing the know-how that TAV Airports Holding accumulated for 13 years at 12 airports under its operation. The company, which produces solutions for structuring and organization and plans training programs, utilizes the advantage of having the know-how accumulated by TAV Holding which provides aviation services at 12 airports in 6 countries with approximately 23,000 employees. Thereby, the participants have the opportunity to make observations at other airports operated by TAV Holding, see the professionals on the job and incorporate the common grounds of aviation into their structure. The in-class trainings, on the other hand, give the participants the chance to share the knowledge of the most experienced professionals in the sector. Investing in their own personal development through these on-the-job and in-class training sessions, participants gain motivation, knowledge and the skills for highest level performance on return to their jobs.
In October 2011, TAV Airports signed a contract with GACA, the Civil Aviation Authority of Saudi Arabia, together with Al Rajhi and Saudi Oger for the Build Transfer Operate project of the Medinah Airport, the first airport privatization of Saudi Arabia. The Consortium will complete the construction of the passenger terminal by the first half of 2015 and shall be entitled to operate the Medinah Airport for 25 years, one of the most important airports in Saudi Arabia, one of the two main entry points for the visitors to the Ka’aba and those arriving for their pilgrimage.

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