TAV Aviation Minds’ 2nd Batch Of Graduates From TIBAH Airports Operation Co.

With the collaboration of TAV Aviation Minds and TIBAH Airports Operation Company, Airport Management & Efficieny Development (AMED) and Professional Development Certificates (PDC) Programs were conducted for TIBAH employees in 2014.
AMED is designed for functional and potential managers having critical responsibilities and who should gain a broader perspective on complete airport operations.
The aim of the program is to provide participants who work in critical positions in airport management with an understanding of the key issues to manage their airports strategically, to enable them to be acquainted with different operations and functions and become accountable managers.
The courses included in the program are as below:

• Fundamental Leadership Skills
• The Air Transport Industry
• Airport Operations Management
• Airport Strategic Management
• Airport Commercial Management
• Safety Management System (SMS)
• Airport Human Resources Management
• Advanced Finance for Non-Financial Managers
• On-job-training in Istanbul Airport

The training program including 9 courses was started on April 02 and finished at May 29. The program involved a total of 40 days (200 hours) of training for 12 employees. After regular trainings, the group also received 6 days on-the-job training at Istanbul Airport.

Upon successful completion of the program the participants received certificates. The certificates for the program were presented to participants during a ceremony held at TIBAH Airports Admin. Building on June 10th; 2014. In addition, top 3 performers were awarded special shields.

The PDC Program has the second place among the training programs held. The program is designed for potential managers, chiefs, and specialists who want to excel in airport management.

The aim of the program is to provide participants with the theoretical know-how and practical insights and help them specialize in specific areas of interest in airport management.

The courses included in the program are as below:
• Airport as a Business
• Facilitation & Terminal Management
• Airside Operation Management
• Emergency Management
• Airport as a Facility
• Advanced Finance for Non-Financial Managers
• Organization and management fundamentals
• Intro to Safety Management System
• Leadership Skills
• Airport Operation Compliance

The training program including 10 courses was started on April 01 and finished at May 15. The program involved a total of 30 days (150 hours) of training for 16 employees.

Upon successful completion of the program the participants received certificates.


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